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Our Shetland sheep are small fine boned
primitive sheep that are calm and docile
and respond well to handling. Their
primitive nature translates into healthy
thrifty sheep that lamb easily producing
vigorous lambs that are up and nursing
quickly. Shetland ewes have plenty of milk for their lambs. Our ewes generally produce twins every year but a few even raise triplets unassisted each year. Their naturally short tails never
require docking. Their most important
physical characteristic is their soft
durable wool, the finest of any British
               Firecracker's Nitro
breed, which comes in 11 official colors such as white, black, shades of gray,
shades of moorit/brown, and 30 different markings or patterns.
Within our flock we strive to maintain a wide variety of fleeces both in color and type.  Some of our Shetlands have more primitive fleece:  soft, wavy, long stapled.  Others have a fleece more in the English style:  soft, very crimpy, and single coated.  And still others have a fleece somewhere in between.

Our ewes come in a wide variety of grays, fawns, moorits, blacks, and whites, as well as dark browns. They are a good mix with some solid colored and others spotted with markings such as krunet, bersugget, smirslet, flecket, sokket, sponget and yuglet, and still others having the pattern of katmoget or gulmoget. In 2003 Bonnie produced two strikingly marked lambs - white with black flowing from their heads onto their shoulders. This is an old but rare marking which we refer to as "caped flecket".

Breeding and raising Shetland Sheep is my passion. Keeping our website updated falls much lower on the list. I must confess Iím a bit old school and electronic media hold little interest for me. Instead I spend my time on shepherding the flock, other farm chores, flower gardening, volunteer activities, and another passion - reading.

Most of our sheep sales happen between May and October, but we try to have a few sheep always available for sale. Even though photos on the website do not include specific sheep for sale we will be happy to send you such photos at your request.

Ewe-wise we maintain a closed flock but we have brought in rams from major breeders in Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, and also did some artificial insemination with semen from Great Britain.

In the recent past we used two white Swiftriver rams that added excellent crimp, wider horns and lots of white lambs. Looking to add more wool on poles and foreheads last year we used another white ram, DLS Rune from Ohio, and Tualatin, a black ram of Whistlestop genetics from Wee Middlebranch Farm in Ohio. Rune has a nearly perfect short tail and Tualatin has excellent wool coverage on his poll, forehead and cheeks. Both have excellent crimpy fleeces. In 2017 we also used a gulmoget, DLS Roddy, who produced an emsket ewe lamb apparently carrying the modifier gene. This year we are using two of his offspring, a gulmoget and possibly an emsket, along with Rune, Tualatin, Roy a sollid morrit, and Ragnar the caped flecket. Every breeding season we use at least one caped flecket ram to keep this marking in the flock. These caped fleckets have wonderful short tails, usually the best in the flock. All of these rams are even tempered and easy to work with.

Planning the breeding groups is always a challenge but great fun. The goal is to match each ewe with the right ram hoping to improve some trait be it tail shape, crimp, temperament, or simply bringing out a specific color, marking or pattern.

When it comes time to trim hooves, worm, vaccinate, or move the sheep, having friendly, halter trained Shetlands makes the job easier and more pleasant. That's why we handle and halter train most of our ewe lambs every year. By August each year the lambs are weaned and ready for new homes. Delivery within 200 miles is available.
For eleven years we took a few sheep and fleeces to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock, NY which we thoroughly enjoyed. For several years we have been donating a yearling ewe to the Youth Conservation Project sponsored by the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. We are only there for Sunday, the day of the presentation, and donít take sheep for display, but would be happy to talk Shetlands if you give us a call beforehand.

Raw Fleeces

We take pride in the quality of fleeces we offer for sale.  We try to produce a clean fleece as free as possible of vegetative matter (hay).  The flock is grazed on tall fescue winter pasture which means less hay is needed. And that hay is fed on the snow or ground which minimizes hay in the neck or back wool. All fleeces are heavily skirted.
The fleeces are available in a wide variety of colors and shades, fiber lengths, and crimp.  Some are a solid color while others have a main body color with darker shades of the same color, others have fibers that vary in color from tip to base.  We have adult as well as lamb fleeces.    All of our fleeces are described in a comprehensive chart free upon request, and we will gladly provide you samples before you buy. Photos of individual fleeces and locks are availalbe on request. We ship throughout the United States.

We also have a limited supply of roving, details available upon request.

Lightfoot with North Star and Nellie







#1129 Malachi (note perfect tail)



Note the heavy dalmation like spotting called sponget

Recent Lambs

Hedy's gulmoget 1706

Hedy's twins

Meadow's 1742 & 1742

Ontario Fire's katmoget ewe lamb

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