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100 Twin Springs Lane
Avonmore, PA 15618
Phone: (724) 697-4930

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              Twin Springs Farm -Black Angus Cattle
For 22 years we raised a small herd of top quality black angus cattle specializing in easy calving high performance cows and bulls. However, in the spring of 2003 we sold the herd in order to concentrate on heritage breeds. Thank you to all our customers who made our angus operation a success.

For more information on Black Angus Cattle, please contact the
American Angus Association. 

Mammoth Jackstock
Before tractors replaced draft animals on farms there were tens of thousands of
horses and mules used to pull the implements on farms across the nation. Mules
were stronger, had more endurance, and were healthier than draft horses so they
were often preferred. These mules were created by breeding a male Mammoth
Jackstock (Jack) to a female draft horse (mare). Mammoth Jackstock is the
largest breed of donkey and unique to North America. Mammoth Jackstock
were plentiful until the introduction of the tractor when their numbers decreased
dramatically. Now considered a rare breed by the American Livestock Breed
Conservancy, their numbers are estimated to be between 3000 and 5000. They
have only recently begun to rebound.

For More information on Mammoth Jackstock, please visit The American Livestock Breed Conservancy or The American Donkey & Mule Society

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