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Galloway Cattle

It was a hard decision but after 31 years of raising cattle, we sold the last ones in 2011 and now can concentrate our efforts on Shetland Sheep.

Galloway cattle are an ancient breed that originated in the rugged hill country of southwestern Scotland. They are related to the Angus which was developed in northeastern Scotland. While the Angus was selected for rapid growth on better feed, the Galloway was selected for its ability to thrive on poor forage in a cold wet climate. They were first imported to the states in the 1850s. Galloways are polled and medium in size, cows weighing between 1000 to 1500 pounds.

Black is the most common color in the breed with red and dun also found. White Galloways occur more rarely. Along with their black points (eyes, ears, nose, feet, teats) they are sometimes roan or speckled. Belted Galloways originated within the Galloway breed but are generally registered with a separate association. The Galloway is rare in North America but is increasing in numbers globally with an estimated population of about 10,000. Galloway cattle stand out for their forage efficiency, hardiness, maternal qualities, and excellence of beef. Galloways impart outstanding vigor to crossbred offspring.

Galloway Beef

Galloway cattle produce beef that exceeds consumer expectations for leanness, taste, and tenderness. At the US Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska, Galloway was ranked first in flavor, second in tenderness, and second in juiciness. Because of this Galloway beef can be marketed in a variety of specialty niches, such as grass-fed and organic beef.

The Galloway Cow

Galloway cows calve easily because of the calves' small size and are long-lived with many cows producing regularly into their teens and beyond. Galloway cows are easy fleshing and wean a higher percent calf crop than other beef breeds. And to top it off they have a very appealing appearance. With their white curly coat and black points the Galloway cow stands out in any pasture. They stay remarkably clean and shed their curly coat in the summer. Their thick curly winter coat allows them to consume 20% - 25% less feed in the winter. That same coat allows the calves to endure variations in temperature, strong wind and driving rain. In the early 1900s Galloway hides were made into 'buffalo' robes and today can be used for rugs.

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