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Avonmore, PA 15618
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Our flock of Shetland Sheep in the winter pasture

Flock #529 - Sixteen years of raising Shetlands

Welcome to Twin Springs Farm where the emphasis is on heritage breeds. On our 132 acre farm the primary focus is on Shetland Sheep, a small hardy sheep originally from the Shetland Islands, who produce wonderful soft fleeces for handspinning. Shetland Sheep are small, thrifty sheep who are known to be excellent mothers that lamb easily with vigorous lambs. 2013 marks our sixteenth year of raising Shetlands and it is still great fun. One breeder who had raised other breeds told us that Shetlands practically raise themselves. That's good news because we have 27 ewes bred to lamb this April. Last year we had a lamb crop of over 200% which could mean 54 lambs this year, all born within about three weeks!

We began farming in 1981 with Black Angus cows, adding White Galloways in 2000. But last year we sold the last cow, leaving us free to concentrate on just the Shetlands.

Hedy with third set of quads
Indigo Sky with lamb Nevada Sky

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